If you currently have a hot air furnace with ductwork that is in good condition then your home is the perfect candidate for a central ducted heat pump.

To define the difference, a ducted heat pump sends heating and cooling through steel ductwork that is already installed in the home. This ductwork is the same a hot air furnace would use. This type of heat pump provides heating and cooling to your entire home and is available in two forms:

  1. An add-on piece of equipment to your current oil furnace
  2. A full replacement system for your oil furnace

In contrast, ductless heat pumps are the style you see hanging on walls generally only covering one particular room or area of the home. These are ideal for homes with electric baseboard or oil hot water heating.

Let’s first discuss the difference between a replacement, and add on a ducted heat pump.

Replacement Vs Add-On

Replacements are ideal for homes where the current furnace and/or oil tank are on their last legs. When the furnace needs replacing you would purchase a ducted heat pump with electric back up in lieu of a new furnace and oil tank.

Installing a replacement system gets your home off oil heating altogether.

An add-on ducted heat pump would be installed in a furnace that still has some life (7-12 years) left in it. In this case, the furnace effectively becomes the backup heat and the heat pump produces the majority of heating required as well as AC in the summer months.

An add-on is less expensive by a few thousand dollars compared to a full replacement, however, when you factor in you won’t have to fork out the $4,500 – $6,500 for a new furnace and oil tank the price difference isn’t quite so drastic.

Cost to Install a Ducted Heat Pump System

Costs for ducted heat pumps spread a wider range than ductless machines.

Factors that can cause a ducted heat pump to be more or less expensive are:

  • Size in BTU’s of the outdoor unit required
  • Condition of your current ductwork and plenum (steel box on top of your furnace)
  • Electrical service availability

As a rule of thumb, an add-on system starts around $6,000 – $6,500 and a full replacement around $9,000.

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