What is the best heat pump for Nova Scotians? It’s not easy to get a clear answer on this since the Internet is so full of opinions. We’d like to do our best, using a few facts, to explain why Daikin should be on your shortlist of heat pumps to consider in Halifax.

Daikin Only Manufacturers Refrigeration Equipment

In the world of heat pumps there are multiple popular brands from Mitsubishi and Fujitsu to LG and Panasonic. Of those four previous brands listed, none of them are only involved in the world of HVAC and refrigeration.

Heat pumps are just one piece of their overall business. Daikin is only refrigeration. In fact they are the largest refrigeration manufacturer in the entire world. This means that all of their research and development dollars go into advancements in the refrigeration industry.

This allows them to stay on the cutting edge of new developments and also manufacture a lot of their own parts, including their compressors, which are the largest single part of a ductless or ducted heat pump system.

Best Warranty in the Business

All Daikin heat pumps, when supplied and installed by a Comfort Pro dealer, come with a 12 year parts and 10 year labor warranty. This is industry leading and provides you, the homeowner, with peace of mind.

Companies don’t just give long warranties on pieces of equipment they know won’t last. That’s why Daikin’s industry leading warranty speaks volumes to the reliability and quality of their heat pump machines.

Competitive Pricing

Daikin is not the least expensive brand on the market, but neither are the other leading brands. When compared with similar levels of quality and efficiency Daikin offers great value. A 12,000 BTU cold climate ductless heat pump can be installed for $3,800 to $4,000. This is directly in line with other popular brands.


The all new Daikin Emura and High Capacity Cold Climate ductless heat pumps offer some of the best efficiencies not just at cool temperatures around 0° but also down to frigid winter temperatures as low as -20° and beyond.

The important rating of a heat pump isn’t the outdoor temperature rating, but rather how much heat does it continue to produce when it gets REALLY COLD outdoors, and Daikin will keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest of winter days.

Consider a Daikin brand heat pump when you’re shopping. We offer free estimates. Give us a call at 902-832-1067 or submit the form on this page today.

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