*NEW* Cold Climate

*NEW* enhanced capacity cold climate ductless heat pumps. Perfect for frigid Canadian winters!

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Daikin’s new enhanced capacity heat pump systems are perfect for keeping you warm during the cold Canadian winter. It features a heating operating range of -25°C up to 16°C and cooling range from -10°C to 46°C (with optional drain pan heater). These expanded temperature ranges help to make these systems a great solution as a primary heating and cooling source for Canadian homes.

The versatility of Daikin’s MXL Aurora Series system allows for multiple indoor applications. It works with CTXS and FTXS Standard Wall units, the Emura Series Wall units CTXG, the Vista Series FFQ Ceiling Cassette units, FDXS Concealed Duct units, and FVXS Floor units. Depending on the indoor units you choose, with the tri-zone outdoor unit (for example), you will be able to achieve energy efficiency levels of up to 17.9 SEER, up to 12.7 EER, and up to 12.5 HSPF.

Daikin’s industry leading warranty coverage gives you 12 years limited parts warranty, and 10 years labour!

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