You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to choosing a heat pump, to say the least. It’s a huge decision to make for your average consumer. Luckily there’s nothing average about you is there? No, you are a what we call a very discerning consumer. You could have bought any old heat pump and had it slapped on your wall, but here you are doing your research. Fortunately for you, patience is a virtue and it comes with rewards. In this case, it’s that you get to know about the best product in the business.

1 –  Daikin: Refrigeration Equipment Specialists

Many heat pump manufacturers aren’t focused on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning for those not in the know. Not you of course.) this means their efforts aren’t placed solely on producing the finest temperature regulation units available. Imagine, if you will, all those late nights of stressing over heat pump guides and reviews have given you a brain tumour, unlikely yes but why tempt fate? In this ever so unfortunate and unexpected turn of events, would you rather the top neurosurgeon in the field lead the operation to remove this heat pump stress-induced growth, or would you rather the scalpel be in the hand of your well-meaning but likely under qualified for brain surgery, general practitioner?

Yes, we hear you cry out at your monitor “That’s ridiculous comparing heat pumps and brain surgery is like comparing apples to an extremely delicate and complicated medical procedure where life and death balance on the literal razor’s edge!”. You are absolutely correct in this dismissal of our hyperbole, but it does illustrate our point of the importance of specialization to achieve the highest results.

Daikin is dedicated to being an industry leader and providing you with the best heat pumps on the market. They manufacture the majority of their heat pumps components including the most important part, the compressor. In fact, Daikin implements a unique swing compressor design that not only increases function reliability but has also lowered the required maintenance. Daikin is so confident in their products they’ve put their money where their ventilation duct is with…

2 – The Best Warranty In The Business

Sure we’ve talk the heat pump talk here, but Daikin will walk it for 12 years on their parts and 10 years on the labour when installed by a certified Daikin dealer. That’s right a 12 year warranty on parts and a 10 year warranty on labour. That’s over a decade. If you get a Daikin heat pump, that baby will still be under warranty when all food has been replaced by nutrient dense capsules.

When you get back from a hard day of mining asteroids for valuable minerals because the earth has been depleted of resources, Daikin guarantees your home will be as comfortable and climate controlled as it was when your car ran on gasoline and rolled on rubber tires. Speaking of changing economies…

3 – Daikin Model Are Very Competitively Priced

One could be forgiven for thinking that something so cutting edge and innovative as a Daikin heat pump would be far beyond the means of the everyday homeowner. That such a device would be affordable to only those in the elusive one percent. That it might sit on the wall of their estate’s main villa, between extinct animal heads and family tapestries preserved from the dark ages.

Such is not the case. In fact, these exceptional Daikin heat pumps are priced directly in line with other popular heat pump brands. Why buy a heat pump that isn’t made by a company that pours every resource into research and development of improved HVAC technology, when you could pay the same price and get a Daikin?

4 – Be Ready For Anything

Daikin’s newest line of heat pumps offers some of the best efficiencies for cold weather. Not just when the temperature hovers around freezing, but when it plummets over the edge into frozen wasteland figures of below minus 20. This is perhaps more important than ever in these uncertain days of our time. Maybe climate change will turn our little corner of the world into a steamy, tangled jungle, or a sun-scorched expanse of desert. Perhaps geopolitical turmoils boil over and blot out the sun in a nightmarish end times scenario.

Either way, you can be sure your home, or underground bunker, stays cozy and comfortable when you choose a Daikin heat pump. So give us a call or fill out the form on this page, to book your free in-home assessment for a Daikin heat pump before its too late.

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